3 ways to upgrade your bathroom and increase the resale value

Bathrooms and mirrors go along very well, but people have been long been ignorant about them. With times changing, bathrooms are not just for bathing now. A well styled and finished bathroom is seen as a thing of beauty and class, and can significantly increase the sales value of a house. Upgrading a bathroom with glass options and mirrors might cost you good money, but it certainly adds an aesthetic beauty and value to your house in the long run. Below are a few ideas to render your bathroom a unique and stylish look. 

Shower Enclosure

A good glass shower enclosure is not just meant to give you privacy while you bath, but compliments the beauty of your bedroom as well. A shower enclosure with digitally printed and stained glass offers a new canvas within a bathroom and truly transforms the space. Available both in tampered and non-tampered glass formats, the glass shower enclosures can be easily customised to fit in the shape and size you desire. At Al Khinji group, we are a preferred choice for shower enclosures and glass shower printed doors owing to our versatility in design and style. 

Bathroom mirrors with LED 

Mirrors hold crucial significance in a bathroom, they can render it a look and class of its own. But the choice of mirrors greatly depends on the look you wish to achieve. While framed mirrors can add a dash of color to the otherwise neutral bathroom, frameless mirrors are great for creating the illusion of spaciousness. To achieve a unique and different look, you can pick our Bathroom Mirror with LED, which will act as a center piece in your bathroom.

Bathroom Hardware 

When remodeling a bathroom, you should also pay attention towards replacing the old and out of fashion hardware fixtures. For example, if you are replacing your shower enclosure, then you must install new bathroom hardware fixtures to complement your shower. Replacing the old fixtures with new ones will not only compliment the remodeled bathroom, but will also give it that young feeling. Replacing the shower heads, towel bars, knobs, hinges, handles, etc is pretty easy, but should be better left in the hands of the professional glass installers.

We at Al Khinji Group (ALKG) are dedicated to providing quality remodeling services to the booming construction industry. An assorted range of our bathroom mirrors and printed glass fittings will add up to the style statement of your bathroom and give it a stunning and eye-catching look.